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Hi!  My name is Krista.  I am a wife, mother, teacher and entrepreneur.  I own a private music school in Owings, Maryland and I specialize in improving mental health through music.  I hold 2 degrees in psychology, two of my three children are twins and I have a lot to say about motherhood, mental health and music.  While you will find Freedom Through Music, I am desperately seeking sanity.  

So how will I find such a thing doing a podcast…you ask?!  Well, by sharing philosophies, experiences and stories, from my perspective and others, I hope that as I evolve in my search for balance and joy, you can find something from my mental travels that help you as well.  So, let’s start this journey together.  Put your tray tables in the upright position, fasten your seat beats and let’s get started…

Hey everyone!  On Donuts, Coffee, and Pocketbooks, we are welcoming in a new season.  A new season for the show.  A new season in life.  This episode is for all women who feel that they are alone, need support, and/or is just looking to find something that makes sense. 


Remember…You are not alone!

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