Do You…Be You…Be Flawsome: A Journey of Music, Mental Health, & Motherhood






What do you get when you get a woman passionate about psychology, music, mental health support while maneuvering the road construction that is life, marriage, motherhood, and entrepreneurship? You get Do You, Be You, Be Flawsome.Written by Krista Garrett, owner of the Garrett Music Academy and I am Flawsome, she outlines how music is the perfect companion for mental health through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual supports. With two degrees in psychology and a lifetime of musical training, Krista has managed to marry the concept of music as a physical as well as emotional means of finding peace amongst the storms life conjures up.Each chapter talks about strategies that she has developed to combat stress, depression, anxiety in ways that are creative and innovative. She examines mindset, Law of Attraction, discovering your “why” to find your motivation and purpose, understanding the many purposes of music as coping strategies, and how your voice when added to paper can speak volumes and remove resentments.To add humor and give a sneak peek into her chaotic life as the mother of three children (two of which are twins), she created Parenting Time-Outs where she describes a variety of real-life scenarios, musings, and just plain random thoughts that every mother should be aware of. So be prepared to laugh, cry, scream…jump up and down (ok now we are getting a little out of hand and ridiculous) as you read and develop techniques that will change the way you live and view your life.

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